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Thousands of motorcycle accidents happen in Illinois and Indiana every year, and they often result in devastating damage, injuries, or even deaths. The average motorcycle crash results in more serious, extensive results than a typical car accident – and you deserve adequate compensation. At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we have decades of collective experience helping motorcycle riders, and we want to fight for you.

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Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents Include:


Poorly designed roads




Lack of street maintenance


Other drivers’ negligence


Drunk driving


Texting and driving


Tailgating or road rage

How Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits Work

Because their bodies take the biggest impact during an accident, motorcycle accident victims are at a higher risk of serious injury than most vehicle accident victims. A light, two-wheeled vehicle is more susceptible to being tipped off-balance or otherwise compromised, which means the likelihood of injury and/or death is also higher.

To prove what happened in a motorcycle accident and who is to blame, you’ll need to investigate the incident quickly. Beginning the investigation promptly allows you to gather time-sensitive data such as surveillance camera footage and eyewitness testimonies – both of which can be lost in a short period of time following a motorcycle accident.

Additionally, courts in Illinois and Indiana generally require that you file all personal injury cases within two years or they will be dismissed for failure to timely prosecute. To ensure you meet every deadline and collect as much evidence as possible, hire a motorcycle accident attorney soon after the incident occurs.

Motorcycle Accident

At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we have helped quickly file motorcycle accident cases involving:



Drivers often ignore speed limit signs. Driving at high speeds is reckless, and when a motorcyclist is hit, they could very well be injured or killed. Motorcyclists don’t have the same level of protection as vehicle operators, and their injuries are often severe. That’s why we hold fast, irresponsible drivers accountable.


Dangerous or Aggressive Drivers

Distracted driving behavior, such as texting or talking on the phone, causes tens of thousands of crashes every year. Similarly, impatient drivers who tailgate motorcyclists put bikers’ lives at risk on a regular basis. If you were impacted by the dangerous or aggressive behavior of another driver while on your bike, you deserve to seek compensation.


Drunk Drivers

Drivers that operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs put everyone’s lives at risk, including their own. Motorcyclists are often difficult to see - but never more so than when another driver is under the influence. At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we have zero tolerance for drunk drivers, and we’ll hold them responsible for their actions in court.


Left Hand Turns

When other drivers are making a left hand turn, they often miss motorcyclists that are in their blind spot. This leads to many serious crashes, and although it may be an unintentional accident, motorcyclists deserve to be compensated for their pain and suffering as victims.

When It Comes to Motorcycle Injury Lawyers, Experience is Essential

One Google search will bring up many different motorcycle accident law firms, but you need to know that they’re trustworthy. Ask how many cases the attorneys have represented, as well as what their outcomes were.

The legal team at Midwest Injury Lawyers has decades of experience representing motorcyclists in court. We have secured hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation, and we’re confident in our understanding of Illinois regulations and laws. Rest assured that when you retain our legal services, we’ll ensure your case is fully investigated, defended, and compensated.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyers

Our motorcycle accident lawyers have helped victims obtain financial settlements for:


Lost income or benefits


Medical and hospital bills


Future necessary medical treatment


Lost earning potential


Punitive damages


Pain and suffering


Reduced abilities or enjoyment of life

We know how important it is to act quickly with all legal proceedings. If you’ve been involved in an accident with a motorcycle, begin the process of seeking justice by hiring a personal injury lawyer. We’re here to defend you.

The Benefits of Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

When you retain our legal services, we ensure that you meet every critical guideline and state regulation. We don’t let anything fall through the cracks and will commit ourselves fully to your case.

At the same time, we build the strongest case possible by:

  • Thoroughly investigating

    your motorcycle accident claim

  • Discussing your

    case with relevant experts

  • Gathering evidence

    and interviewing witnesses

  • Researching your

    insurance policies

  • Fiercely negotiating

    with insurance companies

  • Aggressively and professionally

    presenting your case


What Past Clients Say

Learn how our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers have won other cases. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in Illinois and Indiana state regulations, and we fully commit ourselves to every client we take on. For further information, reach out to our legal team.

Getting in touch with Samuel R. Carl completely turned my situation around. I went from a mountain of medical bills, and my credit on the line, to everything getting resolved with money I deserved back in my pocket. Sam was extremely patient, professional, and more than willing to work with me.

Harley M.

After a terrifying brush with death as a passenger in an automobile accident, my attorney Sam Carl swooped me up and turned the whole experience into an opportunity for me to feel so very well taken care of. I felt so broken as my forehead was split open upon impact.

Sarah W.

Sam Carl is a fantastic attorney. I was injured in an accident with a faulty product earlier this year and was referred to Sam by a business associate. He was able to resolve the matter much quicker than I anticipated and to my complete satisfaction. Sam is everything you want in a lawyer- He is […]

John P.

You Don’t Pay Our Motorcycle Accident Attorney Upfront

Midwest Injury Lawyers proudly offer motorcycle accident victims free case evaluations. Our contingency fee policy means that we don’t charge you until we win a fair settlement for your case. There are no upfront fees and no hidden costs for our legal services.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney

A Word from One of Our Motorcycle Injury Attorneys

Blame isn’t always a black and white concept. Multiple parties can be responsible for a motorcycle accident. Our legal team will help you understand (and prove) who is at fault via thorough investigation, the collection of evidence, and interviews with eyewitnesses.

If we do determine that you are partially at fault for the accident, we can still help you seek compensation. Learn more about your rights by speaking to a motorcycle accident injury attorney.

– Samuel R. Carl

Samuel R. Carl

FAQs About Motorcycle Accident
Laws and Attorneys

How do I know who is at fault for the motorcycle accident?

Blame isn’t always a black and white concept. Multiple parties can be responsible for a motorcycle accident. Our legal team will help you understand (and prove) who is at fault via thorough investigation, the collection of evidence, and interviews with eyewitnesses.

If we do determine that you are partially at fault for the accident, we can still help you seek compensation. Learn more about your rights by speaking to a motorcycle accident injury attorney.

How long do most motorcycle accident lawsuits take?

The duration of a lawsuit depends on many factors, including the amount of evidence, insurance companies’ participation, and the extent of the damage. We have settled some cases in a matter of months, but others have taken years.

We recommend seeking legal representation from a motorcycle crash attorney as soon as possible. This will expedite the process and ensure you receive your compensation quickly. With our help, the lawsuit can be relatively painless and efficient – instead of unnecessarily drawn out.

How do I find out how much my motorcycle accident case is worth?

After years of defending motorcycle accident victims, we’ve learned a great deal about weighing damages in terms of monetary compensation. It might seem difficult to put a price tag on things like grief or suffering, but we can help. Talk to our motorcycle accident attorneys to learn what you’re owed for your economic and non-economic damages.

If I was a passenger on another person’s motorcycle, should I get an accident lawyer?

Yes, you may claim damages caused by the driver of the motorcycle, the motorcycle manufacturer, the city, or the driver of another vehicle. Talk to our Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers to learn more about your rights as a passenger involved in an accident.

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