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Chicago has thousands of people cycling every day, and the city has taken steps to increase bike safety. However, despite its 280 miles of bike lanes, cyclists still face serious accident risks.

There’s no arguing that bicycle crashes frequently cause severe injuries in Chicago. At Midwest Injury Lawyers, our legal team has worked together for several years, paving the way for financial recovery and justice for bike accident victims and their families. Reach out to a Chicago bicycle accident lawyer.We can also help you and your family by providing the same compassionate and dedicated service we offer to all personal injury victims.

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Causes of Bicycle Accidents

The following happened in or around bike lanes in the Windy City in a recent year:

  • 50 crashes in Milwaukee Avenue bike lanes
  • 43 crashes along Halstead Street
  • 29 accidents in Damen Avenue bike lanes
  • 24 crashes along Clark Street
  • 18 accidents on Wells Street

Almost 75 percent of all bicyclist deaths occur in urban areas, and Chicago is no exception. The two primary factors in deadly bicycle accidents are failing to yield the right of way and visibility.

These and many other factors can cause bike accidents. For example, since bicycles aren’t as easy to see, motorists should always use caution when driving in the presence of a bicyclist or where one is likely to be near. Distracted or inattentive driving can cause disaster.

Additionally, many motorists are unfamiliar with Illinois bike road laws that state cyclists have the same roadway rights as motorists. If motorists are unaware of this, they may cut in front of the cyclist, turn when they should yield to the bicyclist, or take other actions that can result in a collision. Being unfamiliar with the laws is no excuse; drivers must still abide by the laws of the road.

Motorists may hit someone on a bicycle due to the following factors:

  • Low visibility
  • Failure to yield
  • Distracted driving
  • Speeding
  • Dangerous roads
  • Construction
  • Ignoring traffic signals

After a bicycle accident, it’s imperative to determine what occurred and who is responsible. Holding the right person liable for your damages and injuries is the key to maximizing your compensation. Accidents might appear simple, but often they are much more complicated than they seem. This is why many accident victims choose to hire our experienced Chicago bicycle accident lawyers to represent them in their claims.

Bicycle Accidents Due to Negligence

Negligence is a legal concept. Someone is negligent when they fail to take the same action that another reasonably prudent person in similar circumstances should have taken. Negligence alone does not give merit to an injury case; it is when that negligence causes injuries and damages that a claim is appropriate.

To win an injury claim based on negligence, the injured individual’s bicycle accident lawyer must establish:

The at-fault party owed a duty of care, such as driving safely and paying attention

They violated that duty by speeding, texting, or some other means

The at-fault party’s violation of their duty caused the accident, which caused your injuries

Because of your injuries, you suffered losses such as medical bills and pain and suffering

Steps to Take after a Bicycle Crash

After a bike crash, seek medical help as soon as possible. Get emergency medical attention if your injuries are life- or limb-threatening or otherwise severe. Even if you don’t require emergency care, a doctor should still examine you. Many patients have injuries that aren’t immediately recognizable but turn out to be serious. Lack of initial medical treatment and injury documentation can negatively impact your legal claim.

After a bicycle crash, do your health and legal claim a favor by getting examined by a licensed physician as soon as possible.

If you experience these severe symptoms, seek medical evaluation immediately:


Profuse bleeding


Difficulty with breathing or painful breathing


Loss of consciousness, confusion, vision changes, or a cracked helmet


Difficulty moving the neck


Tender, distended, or hard areas of the abdomen


Numbness, tingling, or the inability to move fingers or toes


Shooting pain in an extremity or difficulty moving it


Deep lacerations

Once you are medically stable, your next step should be to reach out to Midwest Injury Lawyers to schedule your no-obligation consultation with one of our seasoned Chicago bicycle accident lawyers. During this consultation, we will ask about the details of your wreck, how it happened, who might have caused it, and the injuries and damages you suffered. We can then provide a legal roadmap detailing how our law firm can help you.

How Bicycle Accident Lawsuits Work

Bicycle Accident LawsuitsMotorists and their passengers have the protection of a vehicle frame, airbags, seatbelts, and many other safety features. Bicyclists might have a helmet and some knee or elbow pads at best. Other than quality helmets, they lack any protection that can save them from severe or life-threatening injuries.

If you or someone you love was recently injured or killed in such an accident, you need a trustworthy bicycle accident law firm. Look no further than Midwest Injury Lawyers. Our Chicago bicycle accident lawyers understand how devastating bicycle accident injuries can be and aren’t afraid to stand up for your rights—even to corporate giants and their legal teams.

Injuries to Extremities

Bike accidents usually result in injuries to the upper and lower extremities. Many of these acute injuries are often minor and will heal completely with time and some limited medical attention.

These include:

  • Abrasions
  • Lacerations
  • Contusions
  • Strains
  • Fractures

Similar to motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents often cause road rash, leaving superficial abrasions on exposed skin. When road rash occurs, it might require debris removal from the skin and be very painful.

Traumatic Injuries

Bike crashes regularly result in trauma to the cyclist.

The most common types of traumatic injuries include:

  • Concussions
  • Skull fracture
  • Contusions
  • Cranial hemorrhage

Head Injuries

Helmets can help prevent and reduce the severity of head injuries. Injured bicyclists are at the most significant risk of a head injury, which occurs in about one-quarter to one-half of all injured bicyclists. Unfortunately, head injuries are often quite severe and sometimes fatal. Most long-term disabilities arising from bicycle accidents are related to head injuries.

Psychological Injuries

Not all injuries are visible. Bicycle accidents can leave lasting imprints on survivors’ psyche, causing depression, anxiety, panic attacks, mood swings, and paranoia, severely impacting their quality and enjoyment of life. Unfortunately, these are no less debilitating than physical injuries and can be very difficult to cope with and manage. In addition, some may require years of counseling or even medication management.

The Illinois Bicycle Accident Statute of Limitations

Don’t put off seeking our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys’ assistance. The law limits how long accident victims can file a lawsuit. You have two years from your accident to file most lawsuits, and the deadline may increase or decrease depending on your claim. Regardless, if you don’t file a claim by this deadline, you won’t have any legal recourse to obtain financial compensation for your injuries or the death of your loved one. Call us today to ensure compliance with the statute of limitations and protect your right to seek damages.

Damages in Bicycle Accident Claims

People who suffer injuries in a bicycle accident might have several damages for which the person who caused the accident or their insurance company owes them compensation. They may be incurring tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, missing paychecks from being unable to go to work, all the while dealing with pain and physical limitations from their injuries.

Some damages represent financial losses or obligations, while others represent intangible losses.

Financial or economic damages might include:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Past and future lost income
  • Travel expenses for medical appointments or treatment
  • Repairs or replacements for your bicycle or other damaged property

Intangible losses or non-economic losses might include:

You might have other damages not listed here. If you hire a skilled Chicago bicycle accident lawyer, they can help you determine your damages and fight to get you compensation for them.

Cycling Injury Claims

Chicago Bicycle Accident Lawyers FAQs

Do Bicycle Accident Cases Settle out of Court?

In most bicyclist accident cases, the parties involved agree on a financial settlement to cover the claimant’s damages, thereby avoiding further legal action. Negotiating a settlement requires skill and patience. As such, many injured individuals and their families turn to experienced Chicago bicycle accident lawyers for help.

Litigation is sometimes a long and emotionally taxing process for injured individuals. It is also expensive and draining for the at-fault party, their insurance companies, and legal counsel. For these reasons, most of the time, both parties will negotiate a settlement before heading to court.

A settlement is an agreed-upon amount of money the at-fault party, usually through their insurance company, will pay the injured party to drop their claim and not pursue it in court. Sometimes the amount of the settlement is kept confidential.

In return for the settlement, the injured party agrees to permanently drop their claim against the at-fault party. Injured parties are not required to accept a settlement. Still, they should consult with their bicycle accident lawyer to determine the best course of action.

You may realize several benefits to settling your case instead of pursuing it in court. First, some bike injury victims don’t want to testify in court or go through further legal battles and decide to settle. Insurance companies often don’t want to risk defending their insured against sympathetic juries. Settlements save both sides time and expense, allowing the bicyclist financial relief to come sooner rather than later.

What Evidence Can Help Me Win My Bicycle Accident Case?

Speaking with a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident will not only help ensure you file your case within the statute of limitations but also help your attorney gather and preserve valuable evidence. The more time that passes after your accident, the more likely it is for evidence crucial to your case to be lost, hidden, or destroyed.

Evidence in a bicycle accident claim can include:

  • Damaged bicycle
  • Bike helmet
  • Testimony of witnesses
  • Photos or videos of the scene after the accident
  • Medical records

Evidence can help paint a picture of what happened before, during, and after your bicycle accident. It will help prove how the accident occurred, who is liable, and what your damages are worth.

What Is My Bicycle Accident Claim Worth?

The value of a bicycle accident claim depends on many factors. Some of these factors include the limits of the applicable insurance policies and the strength of the evidence in the case. To maximize your financial recovery, you’ll want to hire a skilled attorney who can take your claim to court if a lawsuit becomes necessary. In fact, the best way to determine how much your bicycle accident claim is worth is to speak to one.

What Past Clients Say

See how our Chicago bicycle accident lawyers have won other cases in the past. Our attorneys are well-versed in both Illinois and Indiana state regulations, and we fully dedicate our services to every client we take on. For further references, make a request directly to our team.

I was referred to Sam Carl via a different firm while I was looking for a personal injury lawyer due to a serious cycling accident. If you have ever had the need to seek out representation, you know how overwhelming the process can be and how difficult it is to know if you are making […]


Sam Carl is a fantastic attorney. I was injured in an accident with a faulty product earlier this year and was referred to Sam by a business associate. He was able to resolve the matter much quicker than I anticipated and to my complete satisfaction. Sam is everything you want in a lawyer- He is […]

John P.

Getting in touch with Samuel R. Carl completely turned my situation around. I went from a mountain of medical bills, and my credit on the line, to everything getting resolved with money I deserved back in my pocket. Sam was extremely patient, professional, and more than willing to work with me.

Harley M.

Mr.Cameron proves to be professional, hardworking, compassionate all while yielding results. After consultation with a couple of other firms, we decided to go with Chet. Upon our initial meeting, he assured us that he would do his best, and I believe he gave us that and more.


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Those injured in bicycle crashes often feel overwhelmed. They are trying to recover from their physical injuries, which may include having surgery or going to frequent doctor or therapy appointments. Their everyday expenses can start piling up as they suffer lost income while healing from their injuries. To make matters even worse, insurance adjusters might call, asking confusing or intimidating questions, or perhaps even blaming you for your injuries. Reach out to a Chicago personal injury lawyer.

Bicycle accident victims and their loved ones deserve compensation for their damages and injuries. However, pursuing their monetary award while healing from such an injury can prove difficult at best. To obtain such compensation promptly and to the full extent, they need the experience, dedication, and knowledge of our Chicago bicycle accident attorneys.

At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we offer free case reviews for bicycle accident victims and their families. You can reach us at (312) 786-5881 or online for yours today.

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A Word from One of Our Bicycle Injury Lawyers

Bicycle accident cases often involve very serious injuries. It is extremely important to quickly investigate the scene of an accident, speak with witnesses, and gather any video or photographic evidence that may exist. When bicycle accident cases go to trial, having a lawyer that understands the unfair biases many jurors have against riders can be an essential difference between winning and losing.

– Samuel R. Carl

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