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When a baby is born with an unexpected injury or defect, or a mother experiences undue trauma during the birth, you have legal rights. Physicians, nurses, and hospitals have an obligation to provide adequate care, and if they don’t, you can – and should – seek compensation.

If you believe medical negligence resulted in the injury, death, or traumatization of a baby or its mother, contact Midwest Injury Lawyers. Our birth injury attorneys will help your family file a medical malpractice claim against at-fault medical professionals and hospitals.

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Birth-Related Injury Cases Often Involve:


Cerebral Palsy


Erb’s Palsy


Visual impairment


Organ damage


Developmental disabilities


Fetal death


Stillbirth or neonatal death


Mother death from untreated conditions

How Birth Injury Claims Work

Every birth injury lawsuit is different, but each requires proper evidence and documentation in order to pursue fair compensation. Whether it’s a child’s birth defect or a mother’s long-term injury, you’ll need to begin the process of seeking justice quickly.

Working with a trained birth injury attorney ensures that you file your claim correctly, as well as gather plenty of supporting proof and testimonies. The sooner you file your medical malpractice lawsuit, the more you increase your chances of a high settlement.

At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we have helped with many kinds of birth injury lawsuits, including cases that involved:

Birth Injury Lawsuit

OB/GYN Malpractice

When an OB/GYN professional fails to properly treat or protect a pregnant patient, or a mother/baby during delivery, they should be held accountable. This includes doctors, obstetric nurses, and other medical personnel that are involved in prenatal care and labor and delivery.

Emergency or Delivery Room Errors

If the medical staff failed to administer proper emergency care, didn’t notice fetal distress, or caused injury to the mother or baby during delivery, you have the right to seek justice. Our birth injury attorneys have gone up against individual medical professionals and hospitals in court.

C-Section Complications

As with any surgery, C-sections come with some risks. However, mothers and babies should not be put in undue danger from infections, hemorrhaging, reactions to anesthesia, or further complications. If your C-section was mishandled, reach out to our Chicago birth injury law firm.

Child Injuries or Deaths

We pursue payment for damages that result in the need for ongoing medical care or special services on behalf of your family. Whether you’re facing the emotional anguish of losing an infant or a future with an injured child, you deserve compensation.

Why You Need an Experienced Birth Injury Attorney

Our childbirth injury attorneys have years of experiencing learning to investigate and reveal the negligence of OB/GYN physicians and medical teams. We know what it takes to hold people accountable, no matter how big or important their hospital might be.

Experience is key when it comes to all medical malpractice claims. You need a legal team that has supported many families before and that knows how to obtain justice. With our decades of combined experience, Midwest Injury Lawyers provides legal defense rooted in compassion and knowledge.

Birth Injury Attorney

Over the years, our birth injury lawyers have helped victims obtain settlements for:


Pain and suffering


Grief and mourning


Lost income or benefits


Medical and hospital bills


Future necessary medical treatment


Lost earning potential


Reduced abilities or enjoyment of life

If you or your loved one has been impacted by a birth injury, don’t wait to begin seeking compensation. Acting quickly is essential when it comes to gathering evidence and building a bulletproof case. Reach out to our team to get started immediately.

Why You Should Hire Professional Legal Representation

You and your loved ones have been through enough pain. Allow our firm to handle lawsuit deadlines, state regulations, and malpractice investigations. You focus on healing while we dedicate ourselves to pursuing justice.

We build ironclad birth injury cases for our clients by:


Thoroughly investigating how the birth injury occurred


Discussing our cases with relevant experts - including other doctors


Finding evidence and interviewing witnesses


Researching medical insurance policies


Negotiating with insurance companies and hospitals


Adamantly representing your case in court

What Past Clients Say

Over the years, we’ve secured millions in settlements for victims. We’re well-versed in both Illinois and Indiana state laws, including those that pertain to medical malpractice and births. Learn how we’ve applied our expertise to past cases and clients.

Sam went through every aspect of the process with me. He was very kind and patient in explaining everything for me to understand what was happening in my case. He gave me the best advice and was very transparent with the pros and cons.


After consultation with a couple of other firms, we decided to go with Chet. Upon our initial meeting, he assured us that he would do his best, and I believe he gave us that and more. We were expecting to see results if any in years, Mr.Cameron got results within a matter of a couple […]


Complex life altering injuries are scary enough, and if they involve negligence on the part of large well known corporations its even more intimidating. Sam immediately jumped into action gathering time sensitive evidence. His advice and recommendations were invaluable and ultimately played a big factor in being able to secure a favorable multi-party settlement prior […]


You Don’t Pay Our Childbirth Injury Lawyers Upfront

We work on a contingency fee policy. That means we don’t bill any of our clients until we’ve won fair settlements for them. You won’t pay us upfront fees and your initial consultation is free.

A Word from Our Birth Injury Attorney

Birth injuries are complicated and heartbreaking – but you don’t need to face them alone. We’re here to fully investigate your case and defend your rights.

– Samuel R. Carl

Samuel R. Carl

FAQs About Birth Injury Lawsuits

What do birth injury lawyers do? Do I really need one?

Birth injury lawyers are essential when it comes to seeking the maximum settlement for birth defects, injuries during delivery, and/or fetal death. We ensure you cover all the bases and that no insurance company or hospital takes advantage of you during the process. Your protection and legal rights are our top priorities.

How long do birth injury claims take to resolve?

Every case is different, but most birth injury claims take between six months and several years to fully resolve. The time frame of resolving a case is dependent on a number of factors, including case complexity.

Cases in Indiana tend to take longer due to the statutory prerequisite of an Indiana Department of Insurance Medical Review Panel decision before pursuing a claim in a court of law. The sooner you get started, the easier it will be to expedite the process and meet all of the required deadlines.

What is the statute of limitations on birth injury lawsuits?

The statute of limitations on birth injury claims varies by state. In Illinois, you typically have eight years to file a claim, considering that birth-related injuries may not be apparent until later on in the child’s life.

However, in Indiana, the statute of limitations is often only two years. However, parents/guardians of any child under six (6) years old will have until the child reach his/her eighth birthday to bring a birth injury lawsuit on the minor’s behalf.

Additionally, Indiana provides a narrow exception for latently discovered injuries where it was impossible for the patient to have discovered that he/she was a victim of medical negligence within the two-year statute of limitation. Notwithstanding, a patient will be required to diligently and promptly initiate their medical malpractice claim once the latent injury is discovered.

To learn more about your state’s specifics, we recommend speaking with legal professionals in your area.

When are birth injuries typically diagnosed?

Some injuries are noticeable in the mother and/or child immediately after birth. Others may take a year or two to become apparent, and even longer to properly diagnose.

If either the mother or child begins to exhibit signs of injury, take clear note of the first time their symptoms became apparent. The more you document, the better.

How is compensation for a birth injury calculated?

It may seem difficult – even cold – to put a dollar sign on something like a child’s injury or a mother’s grief. Still, families are entitled to compensation to ease their suffering and help cover any medical expenses they may incur.

Our legal team is well-versed in medical malpractice compensation, and we’ll help you determine what you’re owed. Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll evaluate everything from your current hospital bills to your future suffering, lost wages, and potential complications.

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