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When companies put unsafe products on the market, they also put ordinary people at risk of preventable injuries. The products we use in daily life can cause devastating harm when companies do not take customer safety seriously.

When companies don’t fulfill their legal obligations to end users of their products, a personal injury claim is one way to hold them accountable for their negligence, breach of warranty, or errors in the product’s design, manufacture, or marketing.

The Joliet product liability attorneys at Midwest Injury Lawyers can handle all the legal work in your fight against the business that made a product that injured you.

While you rest and recuperate, we will take care of all the paperwork, gather evidence to support your claim, negotiate on your behalf for a reasonable settlement, and represent you in court (if necessary).

Our skilled and experienced team knows how companies try to dispute these claims and the strategies to counter their tricks. We know you’re hurting, so call or complete our online contact form for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Midwest Injury Lawyers?

With so many personal injury firms in Joliet to choose from, you might think that your choice of attorney doesn’t matter. After all, all lawyers are the same, right?


Who you choose to represent you in this fight matters a great deal, and here are some reasons to choose Midwest Injury Lawyers:

  • Clear and Consistent Communication: We understand that legal processes are often complex and daunting. That’s why we maintain open lines of communication, ensuring you stay informed and comfortable with what’s happening through every step of your case. Our team values your input and questions, and we make it a point to provide timely and understandable responses.
  • Proven Record of Success: We take pride in our history of successful outcomes, showcasing our ability to handle even the most challenging product liability cases effectively. Our firm has recovered more than $50 million in compensation for our clients. This achievement reflects our deep commitment to seeking justice and fair compensation for those we represent.
  • Skilled and Aggressive Attorneys: We bring a strategic and assertive approach to each case. Our attorneys possess the experience and savvy needed to navigate the tactics of insurance companies, aiming to secure the best possible outcome for you.
  • No Financial Risk to You: Choosing Midwest Injury Lawyers means you face no financial risk. We operate on a contingency basis. With that fee arrangement, you don’t pay any legal fees unless we win your case. This approach allows you to seek the high-quality legal representation you deserve without the stress of upfront costs.

Compensation for Joliet Product Liability Claims

Product Liability Claims

In product liability cases, the specific amount you can recover depends on various factors, including the nature of your injuries and the financial losses you have incurred. At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we work diligently to assess all aspects of your situation so we can seek the maximum possible compensation for you.

Depending on your injuries and other factors, your compensation from a product liability claim could include money for:

  • Medical Expenses: This includes the cost of emergency care, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, and any ongoing medical treatments or rehabilitation. Compensation can cover both current and future medical expenses related to the injury.
  • Lost Income and Earning Capacity: If your injury has kept you from working, you can claim compensation for lost income. Additionally, if your injury affects your ability to earn in the future, you can seek compensation for lost earning capacity.
  • Pain and Suffering: This encompasses the physical pain and emotional distress you have endured due to your injuries. Compensation for pain and suffering reflects the non-economic impact your injury has on your life.
  • Loss of Quality of Life: Injuries can often lead to a reduced quality of life, including an inability to participate in activities you once enjoyed or to perform daily tasks independently.

Different Types of Product Liability Claims

The types of product liability claims include:

Design Defects

Design defects occur when a product’s design is inherently unsafe. These defects often affect an entire line of products, not just one faulty item. For example, a car model with a design that makes it prone to flipping over during turns would fall under this category.

Proving a design defect typically requires showing that there was a safer, feasible alternative design that the manufacturer or designer could have used.

Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects happen during the production or assembly of a product. Unlike design defects, manufacturing defects usually involve errors in the factory or a deviation from the product’s intended design. These defects can affect one single product or a batch of products.

An example would be a batch of bicycles with a flaw in the brake assembly process, making them unsafe to use. The key in these claims is proving that the defect occurred during manufacturing.

Failure to Warn/Inadequate Instructions

This type of claim arises when a product lacks necessary warnings or instructions, making it dangerous for users. Even if a product is flawlessly designed and manufactured, it can still be defective if it doesn’t come with adequate instructions or warnings about potential risks.

For instance, a powerful cleaning chemical without clear usage instructions or warnings about its corrosive nature can lead to injuries. In these cases, the liability often hinges on whether the manufacturer provided adequate guidance to use the product safely.

Breach of Warranty

When a consumer purchases a product, they’re usually protected by warranties, whether implied or express. An express warranty is explicitly stated or printed on the product materials.

An implied warranty isn’t overtly stated, but an implied warranty of merchantability attaches to the product. This warranty guarantees that the product will function as stated. If a product does not perform as intended and injures someone, a breach of warranty claim could arise.

Overlap in Product Liability Claims

Product liability claims can sometimes overlap. For example, a product with a manufacturing defect might also lack sufficient warnings. When such overlaps occur, it may be necessary for the injured party to file multiple claims to recover full compensation.

Each aspect of the product’s defectiveness – from its design to its manufacturing, labeling, and function – needs careful examination. The product liability attorneys at Midwest Injury Lawyers have the experience and knowledge to identify and pursue all relevant claims to help our clients recover just compensation.

Common Products That Lead to Personal Injury Claims

Despite regulations and safety standards, certain products frequently emerge as culprits behind injuries and other harm. Understanding what products often lead to personal injury claims can help you recognize potential dangers and take appropriate legal action. Common products that lead to product liability claims in Joliet include:

Dangerous Prescription Drugs

Claims often arise from side effects or interactions that the drug’s manufacturer did not adequately disclose, which lead to serious health complications.

Unsafe Household Cleaners and Chemicals

Injuries from these products typically involve chemical burns or respiratory problems, often due to inadequate safety labeling or instructions.

Defective Auto Parts

Faulty brakes, airbags, or tires can cause severe accidents, and resulting product liability claims focus on design or manufacturing flaws or delayed recalls.

Children’s Toys and Products

These items can pose choking hazards, lead to poisoning, or cause injuries due to poor design or manufacturing. For example, toys with easily detachable small parts or those made with toxic materials can lead to serious health issues.

Electronics and Appliances

Faulty wiring, inadequate safety features, or poor construction can turn everyday items into hazards. This category includes everything from smartphones with overheating batteries to kitchen appliances prone to catching fire.

Recreational Equipment

Items like bicycles, fitness equipment, or sporting goods can lead to injuries if they have design flaws or companies use substandard materials in the manufacturing process.

Construction and Industrial Equipment

Defective machinery used in construction or industrial settings can be particularly dangerous. This includes everything from power tools to large machinery.

Deadline to File a Product Liability Lawsuit in Illinois

Illinois law says you have two years from the date you sustained your injuries to file a lawsuit in most cases. This deadline matters because if you wait too long to file a lawsuit, the courts will dismiss your case, leaving you with no leverage to force an insurance company back to the negotiating table.

Our Joliet product liability attorneys can take care of filing your lawsuit, so you don’t have to worry about protecting your right to compensation.

Common Injuries From Defective Products

Defective Product

At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we have seen firsthand the physical and emotional toll that defective products can take on people and their families. Below are some of the most common injuries that clients suffer from defective products:


Burn injuries can occur from defective electronic devices, kitchen appliances, or unsafe chemicals. These burns can range from mild surface burns to severe third-degree burns requiring extensive medical treatment.

Fractures and Broken Bones

Items like defective ladders, faulty recreational equipment, or compromised vehicle parts can lead to falls or accidents, causing fractures and broken bones. These injuries often require long recovery periods.

Lacerations and Cuts

Sharp or poorly constructed products can cause severe lacerations or cuts. This includes everything from kitchen utensils to children’s toys with sharp edges or defective machinery with exposed sharp components.


This can result from products like toxic household cleaners, lead-based paints, or contaminated pharmaceuticals. Poisoning can have immediate and long-term health consequences, depending on the substance and level of exposure.


Common in cases involving small or poorly designed components of children’s toys, choking hazards are a significant concern, particularly for infants and toddlers.

Head and Brain Injuries

Defective products like helmets, automotive parts, or sports equipment can lead to head and brain injuries. Brain injuries can have lasting impacts on people’s cognitive functions and their overall quality of life.

Respiratory Problems

Products with harmful fumes or particles, such as certain chemicals or building materials, can cause serious respiratory problems.

How We Help You Fight the Insurance Companies

Taking on insurance companies is a daunting task. They have extensive resources and legal teams dedicated to minimizing your financial recovery. At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we offer experienced and assertive representation to protect your rights.

Here’s how we help you in this process:

  • In-Depth Investigation and Evidence Gathering: We’ll conduct a thorough investigation to gather all available evidence, including medical records, expert testimonies, and product analysis, to build a strong foundation for your claim.
  • Skilled Negotiation with Insurance Companies: Our team possesses strong negotiation skills. We aim to negotiate a fair settlement that adequately covers your losses, standing firm against low-ball offers that don’t meet your needs.
  • Representation in Court: If an insurer will not agree to a reasonable settlement, our attorneys know how to present your case compellingly to a judge or jury.
  • Assessing and Valuing Your Claim: We accurately assess the value of your claim, considering all aspects of your losses. This includes current and future medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other damages specific to your situation.
  • Continuous Communication and Updates: Keeping you informed is a priority for us. We maintain constant communication, updating you on the progress of your claim and any new developments.

What to Do After Sustaining Injuries From a Defective Product?

Product Defect Case

The steps you take after sustaining an injury from a defective product can help you set yourself up for success in a personal injury claim.

Here are the essential steps to follow:

  • Preserve the Product and Evidence: Keep the defective product and any packaging, instructions, or receipts.
  • Document Your Injuries: Take photos of your injuries and the product that caused them.
  • Record Your Experience: Write down everything you remember about the incident and your injuries, including dates, times, and other relevant details.
  • Avoid Repairing or Altering the Product: Do not attempt to fix or alter the defective product.
  • Limit Communication with Manufacturers or Insurance Companies: Refrain from discussing the incident with product manufacturers or insurance representatives before consulting an attorney.
  • Contact a Personal Injury Attorney: Reach out to a personal injury attorney experienced in product liability claims to get professional legal advice and representation.

What Past Clients Say

We’ve handled many workers’ compensation claims over the years, and we’re well-versed in both Illinois and Indiana state laws. Learn how we’ve applied our expertise to past cases and achieved impressive results for our clients.

Chet was assigned my case after my previous attorney left the firm. I was very concerned given the outcome of this case would determine my future, but I was told by the firm I was in good hands, and I was. Chet was great with communication…


Mr.Cameron proves to be professional, hardworking, compassionate all while yielding results. After consultation with a couple of other firms, we decided to go with Chet. Upon our initial meeting, he assured us that he would do his best, and I believe he gave us that and more.


Getting in touch with Samuel R. Carl completely turned my situation around. I went from a mountain of medical bills, and my credit on the line, to everything getting resolved with money I deserved back in my pocket. Sam was extremely patient, professional, and more than willing to work with me.

Harley M.

Sam Carl is a fantastic attorney. I was injured in an accident with a faulty product earlier this year and was referred to Sam by a business associate. He was able to resolve the matter much quicker than I anticipated and to my complete satisfaction. Sam is everything you want in a lawyer- He is […]

John P.

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