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Law enforcement officials took an oath to serve members of the community – but unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen.
Civil rights protect American citizens from discrimination, excessive force, unlawful arrests, and other freedom violations.

Our Chicago civil rights attorneys fight for victims who have suffered damages from civil rights violations. Together, we’ll bring justice to those responsible.

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How Often Do Civil Rights Violations Occur?

The United States has made a lot of progress in its commitment to civil rights – but we still have a long way to go. Civil rights violations happen every day. Fortunately, the law is on your side.

All Americans are entitled to the following civil rights:


Freedom of speech, religion, and assembly


Freedom from discrimination


The right to procedural due process


The right to petition the government

Civil rights are a cornerstone of our country. The only way to protect them is to hold violators accountable in a court of law.

Types of Civil Rights Cases We Manage

Police Shootings

Wrongful police shootings are an unfortunate reality we see in the United States every day. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death from police misconduct, our civil rights attorneys will fight to obtain justice.

Police Brutality

Police have a brought scope of power – but they are not above the law. Officers must be held accountable for brutality against citizens, regardless of the circumstances. We’ll fight for the justice you deserve.

Wrongful Conviction

Wrongful convictions can ruin an innocent person’s life – with extended jail time, fines, and other consequences. Our civil rights lawyers will fight to overturn a wrongful conviction and help get your life back.

Wrongful Search and Seizure

The Fourth Amendment protects Americans from unlawful searches and seizures. Police officers commonly overstep these legal parameters. Our attorneys will safeguard your rights and hold law enforcement accountable for violations.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Cruel and unusual punishment is characterized by acts of discipline that are too severe for the crime committed. This includes inadequate jail/prison conditions, sentence proportionality, torture, and more. Midwest Injury Lawyers will help you hold responsible parties accountable for your mistreatment.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault can cause irreversible damage to the victim – both physically and emotionally. There is no excuse for perpetrators of sexual abuse. We’ll fight for you every step of the way to earn justice for the damages you’ve suffered.

Excessive Force

Excessive force by police officers is an inexcusable violation of citizens’ rights. Those who abuse their power and inflict mental/physical injuries, property damage, or death must be held liable for their actions. Midwest Injury Lawyers specializes in helping victims of excessive force earn the justice they deserve.

False/Unlawful Arrests

Unlawful arrests can be a nightmare for victims. Police cannot arrest citizens without legal justification – but it happens all the time based on unfair profiling. We help victims litigate their case against invalid warrants, false statements from police, poor probable cause, and more.

No-Knock Warrants

No-knock warrants are extremely controversial police processes – and can only be used under specific circumstances. Police raids that start with no-knock warrants commonly result in injury or death. Our civil rights attorneys fight for your protection against unlawful searches of your home.

Police Chases

Police pursuits are highly dangerous (and sometimes deadly) for those involved. If you were injured in a police chase that initiated without probable cause, get in touch with our civil rights attorneys.

Failure to Obtain Medical Care

The Eighth Amendment requires those in police custody to be provided with adequate medical care. Unfortunately, the needs of detainees are ignored all too often. We’ll fight for your civil rights and help you earn justice for unfair treatment.

How Do Civil Rights Attorneys Help Victims

Government agencies have legal teams to avoid responsibility for civil rights violations. Earning justice in the litigation process without a skilled attorney will be nearly impossible. If your rights have been violated, the civil rights lawyer you hire is your biggest advocate. The attorney will exhaust every single resource to earn fair compensation for your suffering.

At Midwest Injury Lawyers, we build strong cases for clients by:

  • Investigating the claims of civil rights violations.

  • Discuss cases with relevant experts.

  • Collecting witness information & gathering evidence.

  • Filing a lawsuit on your behalf.

  • Preparing for trial.

  • Fighting for you during the trial.

  • Earning the maximum settlement.


You Need An Experienced Civil Rights Attorney

Our civil rights attorneys help victims recover financial compensation for:


Pain and suffering


Medical and hospital bills


Future medical treatment


Punitive damages


Loss of enjoyment of life


Wrongful death

What Past Clients Say

Our firm has a strong track record of successful civil rights cases. We’ve achieved this by treating each client like a close friend or family member. Here is what some of our previous clients have to say:

Mr.Cameron proves to be professional, hardworking, compassionate all while yielding results. After consultation with a couple of other firms, we decided to go with Chet. Upon our initial meeting, he assured us that he would do his best, and I believe he gave us that and more.


Sam is a people-first attorney. He truly cares about each client he represents and gets to know the person. He was vital to providing us a sense of stability and peace of mind during a volatile time in our lives. He is the type of person you want fighting for you and guiding you through […]


I’ve worked with Midwest Injury Lawyers earlier this year and I really appreciate how supportive they were throughout the process. This was my first time having to seek a lawyer so I’m glad I was able to make contact with them. If you’re hesitant on your legal search, literally stop right here. You’d love them.


My experience with Midwest Injury Lawyers was exceptional. All of my concerns and questions regarding my injury were addressed promptly. I felt like this firm had my back and was provided the best possible outcome. I would highly recommend this firm to anyone in need of their services.


You Don’t Pay Our Chicago Civil Rights Attorneys Anything Upfront

We offer free consultations and work on a contingency fee agreement. This means we don’t charge you a penny for our legal services unless we win the case. Victims of civil rights violations should never have to pay out-of-pocket costs to work with an attorney.

Client Testimonial

“We are so happy with our decision to utilize the services of Midwest Injury Lawyers. They were so kind and kept us informed and educated on our options to make the best decision for our family.” -Leah C. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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A Word from a Civil Rights Attorney

“Our mission is to give victims of civil rights violations a voice and help them stand up for themselves. Unconstitutional acts by police and government agencies are inexcusable. The only way to put a stop to it is to hold them accountable. We manage cases for those in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our firm provides free and confidential consultations that are compassionate to the trauma you’ve suffered.”

– Chester L. Cameron

Chester L. Cameron

FAQs about Civil Rights Lawsuits

What do I do if I suspect my civil rights have been violated?

If you have been injured (either physically or mentally) from a civil rights violation, contact a specialized civil rights lawyer immediately. The sooner you start the process of filing a claim, the better.

What steps are involved in a civil rights case?

Generally, there are seven major steps in a civil rights case. These include:

  1. Initial investigation and preparation of the lawsuit.
  2. Initial filing and litigation scheduling.
  3. Motions to dismiss – briefing the court on legal matters related to the claims.
  4. Discovery – gathering all evidence from 3rd party sources, asking questions to all parties/witnesses, and hiring experts to provide professional opinions.
  5. Summary judgment – briefing the court with the evidence available to decide if going to trial is necessary.
  6. Trial preparation.
  7. The trial.

There is a significant amount of legal advocacy needed to get civil rights complaints through all layers of government before trial. This process will be nearly impossible without a skilled attorney.

How long do civil rights cases take?

While circumstances can vary, most civil rights cases take about two to three years to get to trial. This timeline can be delayed if the case is appealed. The civil rights attorney you hire will work to move the process along as quickly as possible.

What is the statute of limitations concerning civil rights cases?

Illinois and Indiana impose a two-year statute of limitations for cases that involve personal injuries, which the federal courts typically apply in civil rights cases.

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