Chicago is home to many neighborhoods ranging from perfectly safe to extremely dangerous. Let’s discuss these areas in depth with the common crimes committed in Chicago.

What Are the Most Common

Crimes Committed in Chicago? in Chicago

Property Crimes in Chicago


There are roughly 560 cases for every 100K people every year.

About 12 cars get stolen every day in Chicago’s more dangerous

Motor Vehicle Theft

Violent Crimes in Chicago


There are 566 assault cases per 100K people annually.


There are 67 rape cases per 100K people annually.

There are 21 murder cases per 100 people annually.


Safest Neighborhoods in Chicago

F o r e s t   G l e n

Forest Glen is a family-friendly neighborhood that boasts a crime rate 71% lower than the rest of Chicago. The area is known for excellent schools and entertainment options.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park is located in the heart of Chicago’s upscale neighborhoods. The crime rate is 24% lower than the city average and is home to a plethora of tourist attractions.

Lake View

Overlooking Lake Michigan, Lake View is one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Chicago, with a crime rate that is 40% lower than the rest of the city.

Norwood Park

Norwood Park is a prime Chicago neighborhood for families – boasting great schools, a rich history, and a crime rate that falls 72% lower than the city average.

Edison Park

Edison Park is the safest neighborhood on this list. Home to many of Chicago’s police officers, the area has a violent crime rate that is 77% lower than the rest of the city.

West Lawn

West Lawn is ideal for working-class residents and their families. The area has great schools, amenities, and a crime rate 41% lower than the city’s average.

Mount Greenwood

Mount Greenwood is largely made up of upper-middle class professionals. The area boasts a crime rate 61% lower than Chicago’s average.


Westmont has a very high population of children and is one of the city’s most family-friendly areas. The crime rate is 65% lower than average across Chicago.

Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Chicago


Englewood reports a crime rate of 9,386 crimes for every 25K people – with a violent crime rate 7x higher than the country’s average.


Like Englewood, unemployment rates are high in West Englewood. The area has a crime rate of 7,451 reported for every 100K people.


Back of the Yards

Depicted in the hit TV show Shameless, Back of the Yards is one of the most dangerous areas in the USA – with a crime rate of 4,143 reports per 100K people.

South Deering

South Deering has a small population, but a crime rate of roughly 5K reported for every 14K people. Many of the crimes occur on the neighborhood’s sidewalks.

Altgeld Gardens

Altgeld Gardens is known for a high poverty rate of 23% for its tiny population of 1,500. This trend typically leads to a high crime rate, and Atlgeld Gardens is no exception.


Located on Chicago’s south side, Riverdale has an average crime rate of 743 reported for every 100K – in addition to numerous economic problems.

West Garfield Park

West Garfield Park is known for an extremely high rate of property crimes – which is 200% higher than the rest of Chicago.

South Chicago is well-known for its high crime rate – most of which occurs to pedestrians on the sidewalk. The area is plagued by low-income and high poverty rates.

S o u t h c h i c a g o

Washington Park

Although Washington Park has a small population, the area has an extremely high poverty rate of 48.2% - which is a key contributor to its high crime rate.

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